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The Wegeler vineyards represent some of the best historic terroirs in the Rheingau and on the Mosel. Since the beginning, they have contributed some of the regions’ best expressions of Riesling and Pinot Noir, helping to establish the first-class reputation of German wine.

There is a reason that Rhine and Mosel wines have always been synonymous with Riesling, the queen of white wines. Nowhere else in the world produces such delicate wines as the slate soils of the Mosel, or the multifaceted soils of the Rheingau. These wines have held a special place in our hearts since the founding of Weingüter Wegeler.

Julius Wegeler was one of the first German wine entrepreneurs. The distributor, importer and sparkling wine producer always thought beyond the conventional. From the very beginning, it was part of Wegeler's business model to store the wines in his own cellar and, depending on the vintage, to keep them there until they were optimally ripe for drinking. This decision was based on his profound awareness of quality and has endured as an in-house tradition to this day. It is continued by our cellar masters Michael Burgdorf, Andreas Holderrieth and Norbert Breit, whose work has been a guarantee of consistently high quality for decades. The Wegeler Wineries are members of the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates VDP – Die Prädikatsweingüter. The association emerged in 1910 from the Association of German Natural Wine Auctioneers. The long history of Wegeler is also closely linked to the German Winegrowers' Association (WBV), which Julius Wegeler presided over as president from 1893-1905 and later as honorary chairman. Today, the VDP is one of the members of the WBV.

The Wegeler Wineries are members of the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates VDP – Die Prädikatsweingüter.

The VDP – Die Prädikatsweingüter is an association of around 200 of Germany's best wineries with strict quality standards: The focus is always on the best possible quality and the seal with the grape eagle may only be used for wines from the member wineries' own production.
[Translate to Englisch:] Qualität ist die obsterste Prämisse unseres Handelns. Von der händischen Lese, der schonenden und nachhaltigen Weinbergsarbeit aus Respekt vor der Natur und dem Ökosystem in den Steillagen bis zur behutsamen Verarbeitung der Trauben: Die selbsterschaffene Tradition der Reife im Wein hat stets unser Handeln mit wachem Blick in die Zukunft bestimmt.

Our wines are produced according to the strictly regulated VDP quality pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, in addition to our Geheimrat J, are the VDP Grosse Gewächse and the Prädikatsweine from the VDP Grosse Lagen. These are followed by wines from the Erste Lagen and the Orts- und Gutsweine (local and estate wines), which have been marketed since the 2021 vintage under the name of their soils as a clear statement of origin.

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The Wegeler vineyards cover 41.40 hectares in the Rheingau and 12 hectares on the Mosel. In addition, there are around 3 hectares of Pinot Noir from the Krone winery in Assmannshausen. The winery in Bernkastel-Kues has 90% Grand Cru sites, in the Rheingau the sites comprise 70% Grand Cru and 20% Premier Cru sites. The Krone in Assmannshausen has only Grand Cru and a small part of Premier Cru sites.
Since the premiere vintage in 1983, Geheimrat "J" has been our top dry Rheingau wine without any indication of the vineyard. The best grapes from up to 15 different VDP.GROSSE LAGEN from vineyards around Rüdesheim, Geisenheim and Oestrich-Winkel are the basis of this assemblage as the pinnacle of our quality philosophy for dry wines. Strict quantity limits, the selective hand harvest and a long maturation on the fine lees guarantee are all guarantees of quality; our internal standards for Geheimrat J far exceed the official requirements of the VDP for Grosse Gewächse. The longevity of this icon of German wine confirms our approach.