Passion for Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Weingüter Wegeler is a family-run business founded in 1882. The fourth generation of the Wegeler family continues the long tradition, supported by Ralf Frenzel as speaker of the owner families. All operations are run by managing director Richard Grosche.

Weingüter Wegeler has two winery sites on the Rhine and Mosel rivers, all of which focus on Riesling. In 2007, the addition of the 5-hectare Krone estate at Assmannshausen contributed a small but fine share of Pinot Noir to the line-up.

Julius Wegeler was a wine merchant and sparkling wine producer at Deinhard before he also established himself as a winemaker. The decision to produce wine must be seen from the perspective of a merchant and trader, based on the trading practices of the time: The quality of a wine was inextricably linked to its origin and its maturity. Young wine in today's sense was usually left on the lees for at least two winters, while outstanding vintages were kept for much longer. To make great wine, Wegeler needed not only capital, but also foresight, cool storage space and the most precious commodity of all: Time.

»We have to pursue viticulture, winemaking and wine sales with foresight and passion!«

Julius Wegeler

Wegeler created the foundations of today's business with its headquarters in Oestrich-Winkel. With an eye to the future, he bought the best vineyards in the Rheingau and on the Mosel in order to make himself independent of his suppliers as a wine merchant and sparkling wine producer. But he also wanted to be respected as a winegrower. He was, after all, chairman of the German Winegrowers' Association. By selecting first-class vineyards of the highest quality, Julius Wegeler created a winery with access to an unparalleled portfolio of predominantly grand cru and premier cru sites.

One of Rheingau’s most exquisite red wine estates

In 2007, the Krone Winery in Assmannshausen was acquired as a cooperation partner. After the death of the previous owner Botho Jung, the winery became a full member of the Wegeler family in 2014.

There is evidence that Pinot Noir has been in the Rheingau since 1470, and was probably brought by the Cistercians of Burgundy in the 12th century. The sites around Assmannshausen are representative of the greatness of Rheingau Pinot Noir, which grows on weathered Taunus phyllite slate and deep loess soils.
The history of the Krone Assmannshausen dates back to 1541 and initially referred to an inn at the foot of the Höllenberg. The foundation stone for today's winery was laid in 1860, when the winery's cellar was chiselled 60m deep into the rock of the Assmannshausen Frankenthal. It is one of the most important natural stone cellars in the country and, thanks to its constant temperature and high humidity all year round, offers optimal conditions for the production of excellent Pinot Noirs – which have since been continuously ranked among Germany's top wines.

Our work is worth supporting

Our company Weingüter Geheimrat J. Wegeler GmbH & Co. KG has received financial support by the ministery of trade, traffic and agriculture of the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz, co-financed by the country for »sustainable farming in steep vineyards«.

A certain share of the financial support was used fort he restauration of the hut on top of Doctor vineyard.

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