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2015 Oestricher Riesling trocken - VDP.ORTSWEIN

Village wines don't have to be drunk young as shown by a rating from Michael Schmidt for jancisrobinson.com:

"Citrus fruit seems to be the theme of the Wegeler estate and village wines, but the Oestrich trocken has made an effortless transition from lemon to grapefruit and lime. Piquant peel and pith notes put an almost tactile edge on the finish."
Michael Schmidt for jancisrobinson.com

This wine is a perfect companion to pork medallions, chanterelles, seared vegetables and noodles.

Wegeler Gutssekt Riesling brut

Sparkling wine of the month is our Wegeler Gutssekt Riesling brut. Goes well as light mouth watering aperitif and for all nice occations but first of all for all-night celebrations - perfect for the German carnival days in February!

"Pleasure is the best description for this sparkling wine. Apples and limes in the nose. Fine fruity, delicately sparkling, refreshing on the palate. Its fine sweetness is animating and simply spreads a good mood..."
Berliner Weinführer

2014 Rothenberg Riesling Sekt brut - VDP.GROSSE LAGE

The Sparkling Wine of the Month is our 2014 Geisenheim Rothenberg Riesling Sekt brut which is among the Top 2 of the best German single vineyard sparkling wines (Falstaff Sparkling Spezial 2020):

"Candied lime, freshly grated lime peel and ethereal freshness manifest the aromatic and pure Riesling character of this single vineyard sparkling wine. A delicate mousseux caresses the citrus fruit but at the end the majestic, balanced, electric acidity triumphs."
Falstaff Sparkling Spezial 2020

This sparkling wine is a perfect companion to truffled duck terrine with roasted brioche.





1997 Bernkastel Doctor Riesling Spätlese

Matured Riesling wines have their place between the world wine leaders as shown by the great final bid for our 1959 Trockenbeerenauslese in Trier. Therefore, our wine of the month is a matured 1997 Spätlese from the famous Bernkasteler Doctor:

"Brilliant bright yellow colour. Aromas of yellow almost exotic fruits, apricots and lychees. No signs of advanced maturity. The well integrated sweetness melts nicely with the fresh and vivid acidity on the palate. Perfectly balanced with a long finish."
Tom Drieseberg (February 2017)

This wine is a perfect companion to grilled spicy fish. Also with Asian dishes like prawns with coriande or pork meat sweet-sour.

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