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Vintage Collection 9.1

Three bottles of rare Riesling from our top Rhein und Mosel vineyards

2009 Bernkastel Badstube Riesling Spätlese "Vintage Collection", 750 ml. On the nose yellow fruits with very subtle minerality. The wine has no age flavours and is equipped with a barely recognizable maturity. The taste ist very juicy and elegant with a medium complexity. The sweetness is completely integrated into a harmonic acid game. A high quality wine for everyday. A wine that reaches both the Riesling novice and the experienced Riesling connoisseur. Uncomplicated and at the same time sophisticated.

2008 Wehlen Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett "Vintage Collection", 750 ml. "Today, this gorgeous Kabinett is outperforming anything else. Lovers of Mosel Riesling will cheer. Next to apple and peache we find a lot of tropical fruit in the spectrum of aromas. The fruit interacts with the minerals. This wine expresses refinement and elegance. Herbal notes are mixing in and the acidity takes care of a juicyness par excellence and the alcohol stays in the background unnoticed. A brilliant performance with a finish for several minutes."
Berliner Weinführer

2007 Wegler Riesling Mosel QbA natursüß "Vintage Collection", 750 ml. Sunny straw yellow. Ripe sweet citrus, honey, yellow melon, creamy marzipan. Full and smooth on the palate, very dense with enormous length. Extracts from slate makes your mouth water. Tangy and soft. Perfectly balanced. A typical Wegeler wine.

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Maximum order 2 packages per customer.

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