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Library Wines in our Doctor Celler, Bernkastel

"Vintage Riesling" are wines from the first owner, our estates. Our "Youngtimer" and "Library Wines" which leave our estates have been cellared under optimal conditions.

Many of our customers give those wines away or sell them. Bottles from our cellar will be labeled as adjoining so that the presentee or the buyer senses: this bottle is not a "shelf warmer" but a first-hand Vintage Riesling.




"Youngtimer" are wines which had matured at least for 10 years in our cellars for later enjoyment. All "Youngtimer" which are tagged with the adjoining additional label are proofed of their fill level and correct bottle packaging.



Library Wines

"Library Wines" are wines which had matured in our cellars at least for 25 years. Like the "Youngtimer" these bottles contain first-hand wines.

Bottles which have been recorked by our cellarmaster to make them storable for years to come are tagged with the adjoining additional label.

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