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Vintage Riesling

The term "Vintage Riesling"

Already the Bible referes to old wine: "And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for they say, ‘The old is better’” (Lucas 5/39). In 1827 Beethoven asked his publisher Schott in Mainz to send him good old Rhein- and Mosel wines, because for no money of the world they will be availlable in Vienna (Wegeler, Franz-Gerhard: Bibliographische Notizen zu Ludwig van Beethoven, 1837)

Our world has changed and the word "old" got a negativ reputation. So we have established the expression "Vintage Riesling" taking into account that today good old things are refered to as "vintage", which we have expressed repeadedly on German TV in 2013.

Vintage Rieslings are not wines which have aged by accident but they have been layed aside for later consumption. Needless to mention that you can not achive this with every wine.

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