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We are Eco Step certified

Since August 2010, our Rheingau estate is certified - followed by our Mosel estate two years later, in September 2012.

What is EcoStep? 

EcoStep is a certifiable, integrated, process-orientated management system for small and medium-sized companies of up to 250 employees. 

Integrated: EcoStep is based on the key requirements of the management systems ISO 9001: 2015 - quality management, ISO 14001 (including certain key requirements of EMAS) - environmental protection, ISO 45001: 2018 industrial safety and ISO 22000: 2018 food safety.

Process-oriented: EcoStep is geared to the actual processes within the company, classified in the three categories core or value-added processes, support processes, and management processes

Certifiable: The testing institute DQS checks the successful introduction, implementation and continuous application of the management system pursuant to defined, transparent criteria. 

EcoStep focuses on the actual operational requirements, needs, and possibilities. EcoStep intends to optimize and support the business in its everyday tasks and wants to achieve "One more day off" for the manager or owner. In other words: Using the optimization potential wins the manager some time to deal with other important things. Eco Step is an independent system. As a stand-alone solution, it meets all the demands of many smaller businesses, enabling them to permanently optimize their internal processes to be up to the requirements of their customers from trade, industry or commerce.

Our EcoStep certificate for the Rheingau and for the Mosel estate.

Click to go to the EcoStep website (german)

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