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Geheimrat Julius Wegeler, founder of Wegeler Estates (1836-1913)

Julius Wegeler, head of the export department at the well-known sparkling wine producer's Deinhard, married Emma, daughter of the owner August Deinhard, in 1862. After the latter's untimely death, Wegeler took over the management of the company. The enterprise prospered, and in 1882 the family decided to buy a fine wine estate in the Rheingau. Following the purchase of the vineyards in Rüdesheim and Oestrich and the stately home at the Friedensplatz that still houses the estate administration, Wegeler expanded to the Mosel in 1900 with the legendary acquisition of a large part of the famous site Bernkasteler Doctor. To this day, our Moselle wines are produced in the Gutshaus premises, constructed around 1903, using the principle of gravity according to Julius Wegeler's design.

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