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The background of WEGELER PUR is told very fast - for a simple reason: there is no history to it!

We always loved our intellectual approach to wine - way back in 1983 we adapted the Bordeaux 'Grand vin' principle with our Geheimrat "J". In 1992 we co-initiated the 'Erste Gewächse' in the Rheingau together with the estates Breuer, Lang and Weil.

However, we felt that maybe we made too much ado about our wines and that we did not do sufficiently for wine lovers who want great Rieslings but no high-brow background.

Thus, we created a wine concept in 2006 that combines a high-quality, dry Riesling, produced in a recognizable cuvée style and with a fast, clear cut communication notion: WEGELER PUR! Riesling! Full stop.

That's all there is to it. A wine that meets the international taste, produced by selective harvesting from our own vineyards and premium grapes. 

In 2013 it was our wish to return to our roots. A label already employed by Julius Wegeler to distinguish his best wines in the 19th century, served as a blueprint for the new Wegeler label. Due to it's huge success we therefore decided to match PUR's bottle design to the Wegeler one. Starting from the vintage 2016 PUR is designated as Geisenheimer VDP.ORTSWEIN with grapes comming from our VDP.GROSSE LAGE vinyards Geisenheimer Kläuserweg und Geisenheimer Fuchsberg.

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