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Winkel Jesuitengarten - VDP.GROSSE LAGE

General information: The vineyard site Winkeler Jesuitengarten is located between Winkel and Geisenheim, close to the Rhine river. The wines from this vineyard site are delicately fruity, elegant and juicy, in a somewhat lighter, mineralic style. Nonetheless, the wines have a great ageing potential. The "First Growth" (from 1992 as "Erste Gewächse", after 2008 as "Grosse Gewächse") from the Winkeler Jesuitengarten shows, even in younger days, typical noble Riesling aromas such as wild peaches and apricots with a finish of an almost velvety minerality.

History: The appellation Jesuitengarten is firstly mentioned in 1606, when the Arch Bishop of Mainz transferred the vineyard sites to the Jesuit College.

Size: 26 ha - Wegeler Estate 1,5 ha

Soil: Alluvial soil with inclusions of sand and grit, calcareous loess in the lower area of the vineyard site

Orientation: South, almost flat vineyard

Vines: Riesling, planted between 1981 and 2013

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