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Rüdesheim Kronnest - VDP.ERSTE LAGE

The small vineyard Kronnest is located at the upper end of the VDP.GROSSE LAGE Berg Rottland at an altitude of around 150 meters. The original vineyard walls still stand around this steep slope. 

Riesling vines were planted on a total of 5,800 m². The height of around 150 meters above sea level, the heat-radiating walls and the direct contact with the Rhine result in a perfect microclimate. The permanent winding during the ripening period brings perfect ripeness and absolutely healthy grapes.

History: In 2015, the Weingüter Wegeler recultivated three terraces and created a biotope for herbs, heat-loving animals and Riesling vines. Old Riesling clones from the 19th century adapt perfectly to the quartzite from the Taunus region. Typical vineyard herbs and flowers give an insight into natural viticulture. 

Size: 4 ha - Wegeler Estate 0.58 ha

Soil: Quarzite from the Taunus region

Vines: Riesling, planted in 2016

VDP 1Gewaechs EcoStep