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Oestrich Lenchen - VDP.GROSSE LAGE

In our old parcels "Eiserberg" and "Eiserweg" we produce our Rheingau classic. Caused by constant air circulation, the vines in this vineyard site are protected from residual humidity and hence rot. Dry Riesling wines from the Oestricher Lenchen vineyard site are characterized by their typical Riesling aromas and their huge intensity and classiness. 

History: The name of this vineyard site certainly does not refer to an endearment for a girl named Helene, but to the local name for a slopy mountainside near a little stream.

Size: 145 ha - Wegeler Estate 5,6 ha

Soil: Gritty loess clay and heavy tertiary clay

Orientation: South - Southwest, hillside situation

Vines: Riesling, planted between 1980 and 1990


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