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Geisenheimer Kläuserweg - VDP.GROSSE LAGE

The vineyard site Kläuserweg ist located west of the Johannisberger Schlossberg and is protected from cold north-winds by the Taunus mountains.

History: The name of the vineyard site comes from "via Clusen" (1292). In the early 14th century, it started to be called "Cluserweg" ( which means "the path to the hermitage").

Size: 57 ha - Wegeler Estate 3,5 ha

Soil: Deep grounding, limy loess-clay and tertiary marl.

Orientation: South, with a gradient up to 40%

Vines: Riesling, planted between 1975 and 1985

VDP 1Gewaechs EcoStep