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In 1992, the four estates Breuer, Lang, Weil and Geheimrat J. Wegeler established the designation 'Erstes Gewächs' (First Growth) which was implemented in the official wine law in 1999. Today the Association of Fine Wine Growers, the VDP, have established a classification nationwide which refers to the high end wines from high end vineyards as "VDP.GROSSE LAGE. The dry wines of this top category are called "VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS" or short "GG".

Stringent quality requirements apply: the yield must not exceed 50 hectoliters per hectare, the grapes must be fully ripe and hand-picked by tries (multiple runs through the vineyard). The designation 'Grosses Gewächs' must only be used for Riesling and Spätburgunder wines. Once a Wine has passed the sensory evaluation, its label may show the classification 'VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS'; its distribution on the market will start on 1st September of the year following its harvest, and for the Spätburgunder on 1st September of the year next-but-one after the harvest.

For us, 'VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS' stands for dry wines of uncompromising quality, renowned all over the world. The wines will reach their otpimum maturity after about 5 years and will keep for ten years and more.

See the criteria for the 'VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS'

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