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Harvest Report 2019

Growing Season: Although the winter of 2018/19 was a little too wet, this was far from making up for the lack of soil reserves from the dry year 2018.

After an early budding in mid-April, we were almost two weeks ahead of the 30-year average during the growing period. The rather cool and wet May slowed down the growth slightly, so that the flowering (around 12 June) was only three days ahead of the long-term average. The heat waves in June and July were handled well by the old vines, the young fields needed some extra watering. The sunburn on the south side of the vineyards caused a loss of up to 30%. Cheers to those who have a large harvest team during Harvest. This allowed us to harvest optimal grapes by selective manual harvesting. The must weights remained in the optimal range with very stable acidity values.

The harvest started on 23 September 2019 and was officially completed on 25 October 2019. We have top selections of the four GG's and the fruity Spätlese from BERG ROTTLAND and LENCHEN in the cellar, including a TBA from Rothenberg with 210° Oe.

Must Weight:  80°  - 210° Oe

Acid Content:  7.0 - 14.0 g/l

Duration of Harvest: September 23rd – October 25th, 2019

Highlights: Perfectly healthy, extremely aromatic grapes with 90° to 98° Oe at acids from 7.0 g/l to 9.5 g/l from the VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN BERG SCHLOSSBERG, ROTHENBERG, JESUITENGARTEN and ROSENGARTEN. In addition to the Trockenbeerenauslese from the ROTHENBERG, we were able to harvest the best grapes for the fruity Spätlese from the BERG ROTTALND and LENCHEN.

Conclusion: Those who were highly committed to take risks and had a large harvest team were able to achieve extremely good selections for the entire portfolio.

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