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Harvest Report 2018

Growing Season: What a year! In the period from April to September every month was about 2.8 °C too warm since the beginning of the recordings!!! Just because June, July and August were not quite so "hot", the year 2003 remains the number one of the hottest summer years. After a warm January, there were two rather cool months, with March most likely to be described as "late winter".

The spring started as an early summer in April, dryness in the steep slopes included. Even though the months of May and June were too wet in Geisenheim, the months of July, August and large parts of September were extremely dry. The sprouting started "only" seven days too early (19.04.) Compared to the reference period 1981-2010, the lead already was 17 days at flowering (27.05.). At the beginning of the ripening period, there were 21 days (30.07.) And finally 24 days (12.09.) which was the lead over a "normal year".

The harvest started on 04.09.2018 and officially ended on 09.10.2018. For the GG`s and the fruity Spätlese wines are top selections in the cellar, also a TBA from the Rothenberg with 225 °Oe. Some selections for the Rothenberg GG were harvested top healthy in late October and early November.

Must Weight:  80° Oechsle  - 225° Oechsle

Acid Content:  6.5 – 12 g/l

Duration of Harvest: September 04th – November 04th, 2018

Conclusion: The hot and dry year resulted in a quiet autumn with healthy grapes and an unexpectable good must yield. The wines are extremely clean and mineral with a very good acidity.

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