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Harvest Report 2011


Growing Season: A year with great seasonal variations was terminated by a very good autumn.  

In the night from 3rd to 4th May 2011, night temperatures dropped to -3°C. More or less one hectare of our vineyards in the Oestrich-Winkel area was destroyed by the frost damage. The main blooming season took place around 25th May. After a long and dry period the long awaited rain with 25 to 30 liters only fell in the night of June 8th – this filling the reservoirs of the steep slope sites in Assmannshausen and Rüdesheim.

After a rather unsettled summer, maturing of the grapes started on 30th July – three days earlier compared to the 'record' year of 2003.

Grape harvesting started on 13th September, followed by heavy rainfall on 14th September. Due to those rainfalls especially the sites around Oestrich were prone to Botrytis. In the consequence, time-consuming selections by hand in the following days were necessary. However, there was no reason to panic, since after a couple of days, a wonderful Indian summer stayed until the end of the grape-picking on 7th October.  

Must weight: 75° Oechsle – 340° Oechsle

Acid content: 7,0 -12,0 g/l

Duration of grape harvest: 13th September – 7th October 2011, grape-picking for Eiswein took place on 3rd February 2012

The wines: Already now, the wines are very fruity and have a subtle acidity. 

Highlights: Out of Geisenheimer Rothenberg we could harvest high-quality selections of healthy grapes with 92° bis 98° Oechsle. Apart from that, extraordinary Trockenbeerenauslesen with 269°, 319° und exceptional 340° Oechsle. Very special as well was the late timing and the temperatur of minus 12° C on 3rd February 2012, when we picked the grapes for the Eiswein. The last time, the Eiswein harvest took place so late was back in the 50s!

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