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Harvest report Rheingau Estate 2010


Growing season: After a long and cold winter with an unusual amount of snow, the shoot of the Riesling vines was set on the 26th of April, which is five days behind the 10-years-average. May presented cool and humid, so that the vines grew very slowly. The florescence of the vines was registrated on the 16th of June. During the dryness in June / July, the vines stood to benefit from the rain in May. Due to the many rainfalls in August, a strict selection by hand was neccessary to get healthy grapes. This downsized the amount of harvested grapes.

Must weight: 80° Oechsle - 235° Oechsle

Acid value: 9,0 g/l - 15,0 g/l

Harvest period: 5th October - 22nd October 2010

The wines: By now the wines present very aromatic and elegant with a fresh, crisp acidity. 

Highlights: Wines from the hillside vineyard sites in Rüdesheim and Geisenheim; Trockenbeerenauslesen with 235° Oechlse and an acidity of 20 g/l.

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