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Harvest report Rheingau Estate 2009


Growing season: After a cold winter, the shoot started in the middle of april. The florescence and the beginning of the grape ripening started 2 weeks before the longtime average. Following a cool june and a warm phase from july to september, the october started cool and humid. Only in the later lapse of october it became dryer paired with low temperatures. Those made a harvest until the end of october possible. 

Must weight: 80° Oechsle - 291° Oechsle

Acid value: 7,0 - 12,0 g/l

Harvest period: 5th October until 18th December 2009

The wines: Aromatic, dense wines with a crisp acidity.

Highlights: Icewine from the Geisenheimer Rothenberg on the 18th of december 2009;Trockenbeerenauslese from the Geisenheimer Rothenberg

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