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Harvest report Rheingau Estate 2006


Growing season: As so often in life things may take an unexpected course. On the 22nd of September we were expecting a premium harvest with an average amount of grapes. What happened was a thriller. 

An unimpressive rain on the 23rd of September affirmed our decision to start the harvesting of the ripe and still healthy grapes. On the following weekend it rained about 60 (!) litres per square meter and initiated one of the most dramatic harvests within the last decades. With nighttime temperatures of 17° C and daytime temperatures of 22°C in the second week of October the rottening of the grapes started with an unknown rate.

The answer to this: select, select, select!

Must weight: 80° Oechsle - 210° Oechsle

Acid value: 6,0 - 10,5 g/l

Harvest period: 2nd October - 19th October 2006

The wines: Fine and aromatic fruit acid.

Highlights: Noble sweet highlights from Rüdesheim;Trockenbeerenauslesen with 210° Oechsle

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