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Harvest report Rheingau Estate 2003


Growing seasonAlready on easter the first shoot on the vines was visible. Florescence started notedly earlier as in the longtime average and completed in the middle of june during excellent weather conditions. The hottest summer since 1540 with extremly few rainfall was about to follow. In the first half of September we found must weights that announced a extraordinary early harvest. But for all that we waited until the 29th of september when we harvested the first vineyards. The grapes were healthy and golden yellow, but in particular the grapes had the wanted physiological ripeness, which guarantees compley and fruity Riesling wines. Surprisingly the relatively low acid values went up for a little bit in october. 

Must weight: 87° - 306° Oechsle

Acid value: 7,0 - 9,0 g/l

Harvest period: 29th of September until the 28th of October 2003

The wines: Fruity grapes with an intensive tase, very good qualities.

Highlights: Icewine harvest on the 3rd of january 2004; Trockenbeerenauslese with 306° oechsle

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