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Geheimrat "J" Riesling - Hand Made in Germany

At home all over the world!

Pursuant to the principle of the great Châteaux in the Bordeaux that do not market the wines under the names of their individual vineyard sites, we understand the Geheimrat "J" as the 'Grand vin' of our Oestrich estate. Great wines of up to 15 different 'Erstes Gewächs' vineyards cultivated by us are the basis of the assemblage of every vintage, and the resulting product is the very best of all our dry wines.

An extreme restriction of quantities, late picking by hand in several tries, i.e. multiple harvest runs, in connection with slow fermentation and long maturing on the fine yeast in the barrel ensure premium quality and elegance. In the Geheimrat "J", the finesse and racy character of the mineral soil sites around Rüdesheim and Geisenheim are uniquely combined with the creaminess of the loam soils from the Middle Rheingau. Since 1983, we have been producing this wine pursuant to our internal standards that are even more stringent than today's official requirements for our 'Erste Gewächse'. With its elegant, tall Rheingau bottle and the exceptional labels and capsule, it is unique also in appearance. Let it rest in the bottle for three to six years before enjoying it as a perfect accompaniment with a sophisticated dinner. Depending on the vintage, it has a maturing potential of more than 15 years.

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