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Charta Rheingau

True to tradition 

The very stringent criteria for CHARTA wines were specified in 1983 on the basis of the traditional quality conception for a high-end Rheingau wine. These criteria had a key role in defining an image of the dry Rheingau Riesling that distinguished them from wines from other growing areas.

With the unique style of the classic dry Rheingau Riesling 

The label of a CHARTA wine does not mention the vineyard site on which it was grown. CHARTA is a brand. Only a Riesling can be a CHARTA wine . Hand-picked by tries (multiple harvest runs) through the prime vineyards, the CHARTA wine is dry and elegant with a distinct taste of peachy fruit: the ideal food companion.

Produced in accordance with stringent quality criteria

The CHARTA Riesling comes in the classical, tall, brown Rheingau bottle with the CHARTA sign, the Romanesque double-arch, on the front and back label and on the capsule.

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