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One of the finest Doctors ever

Jancisrobinson.com awarded our 2015 Bernkastel Doctor Riesling GG VDP.GROSSE LAGE and 2015 Sonnenuhr Riesling GG VDP.GROSSE LAGE with 18 Points each. The Doctor was lauded as one of the finest ever made


"Old prejudices die hard, and I am never convinced that the dry renditions of the Doctor can totally match the noble sweet versions in the excitement stakes. Nevertheless the 2015 Grosses Gewächs represents a valid effort, as it unleashes its slaty minerality to supplement the sweet citrus-fruit content. Add subtle nuances of honey, a dash of lemony acidity and a fine bitter-peel note, and you have one of the finest trocken Doctors ever made."   Michael Schmidt for www.jancisrobinson.com

We are happy to be amongst the top eight GG Producers at the Mosel!

You can find the 2015 GG ratings and comments here.

15.09.2016 Category: Press
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