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Criteria for the 'VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS' (First Growth)

Origin of the wines: From the classified Rheingau sites, defined pursuant to a map showing the individual parcels of the authentic, original sites. 

Grape varieties: 100% Riesling or 100% Pinot Noir

Criteria for cultivation and harvesting: Maximum yield of 50 hectoliters per hectare; selective handpicking of late-harvest grapes; as a minimum requirement, the fully ripe grapes must meet the requirements for late harvestin; during all the year up to the harvest, checks of the uncompromising quality-oriented work in the vineyard are performed. 

Type: Substantial wines internationally classified as dry.

Examination procedure: An examination comission elected in a rotational basis checks the quality of the wine by blind-tasting tests before and after bottling; this is in addition to the official wine test for recognition as an 'Grosses Gewächs'.

Distribution: Starts on 1st September of the year after the harvest (for the Riesling).

Bottle: Tall, brown Rheingau bottle with "GG" signet and VDP capsule. 

Label: Lable or capsule shows "VDP.GROSSE LAGE"the lable shows "GG"


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