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Harvest Report 2019

Growing Season: After a winter with a little higher precipitation level, spring started very warm. During June and July one heat wave after the other rolled through the Moselle valley. Then it became apparent that the old vine population is much better able to manage drought stress. Approximately ten days later compared to 2018 we started harvesting. Despite high must weights, the must acids remained in the ideal range. What do you need more...!

The quality ranged from 87° to 180° Oechsle and the acidity values were between 8.1 g/l and 10.9 g/l. Healthy grapes for the great dry wines and a great row of noble sweet highlights from our VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN SONNENUHR and DOCTOR are at the top of a conciliatory

Must Weight:  87° - 180° Oe

Acid Content:  8.1 – 10.9 g/l

Duration of Harvest: September 28th - October 21st, 2019

Highlights: High qualities from the GG areas, fantastic sweet and noble rarities from the VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN SONNENUHR and DOCTOR.

Conclusion: Top qualities with great acidity

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