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Harvest Report 2017

Growing Season: After an early leaf flushing, late frosts brought us considerable damages in the vineyards. During the rest of the year, the grapes developed very well after an early flowering.

The humid weather in August and early September demanded high commitment to the canopy management. The harvest already startet on the 24th of September. This was the earliest start of Riesling harvest since time immemorial. The harvest took until October 12th, 2017 and required a lot of selection work.

The quality ranged from 80 ° to 170 ° Oechsle and acid values between 9.5 g/ l and 12 g/l. The high quality and the harvest of a Wehlener Sonnenuhr Trockenbeerenauslese are very positive. The taste of the young wines already promises a very good vintage.

Must Weight:  80° Oechsle  - 180° Oechsle

Acid Content:  9,0 – 12,0 g/l

Duration of Harvest: September 24th - October 12st, 2017

Conclusion: Through appropriate work and a very good mechanization of the steep slopes we could face the pitfalls of the weather. The wines are characterized by a dense flavour structure and vinous, well-buffered acid.


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