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Harvest Report 2016

Growing Season: A mild climate during winter was followed by even cooler temperatures in April. Thus bud-burst happened relatively late. Then came a rainy June and July, leading to a lengthy flowering period which was heavily affected by downy mildew caused by a warm and humid climate at the Moselle. 

A well timed canopy management and higher-than-usual commitment to plant protecting agents kept our vines mostly healthy. A sunny and warm August and September finally provided a satisfactory deployment of our vines and sufficient fruit maturity. We were able to pick healthy golden grapes.

On November 30th we harvested 100 liter Bernkasteler Badstube Eiswein at -7°Celsius.

Must Weight:  70° Oechsle  - 126° Oechsle

Acid Content:  7,0 – 11,0 g/l

Duration of Harvest: October 10th - October 31st 2016

Conclusion: Even though we had to cope with extremely difficult conditions throughout spring and early summer we were able to bring in vintage with good quality and quantity.

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