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Harvest Report 2013

Growing Season: Cool spring was responsible for a late budding and a late blooming. With a lot of rain and cold temperatures the vines had to master difficult conditions in June. Due to heavy rain while the vines were blooming many blossems were not fertilized: we call it "Verrieselung".
The continuing development of the grapes was very good. Unfortunately the skins of the berries turned very thin after the rain in September. This supported a fast developing rott in October and forced us to a very rigid selection of the grapes. Consequently the yield droped to an all time low. In return this way we managed to harvest very clean and pure musts as well as some noble sweet wines up to Beerenauslese with the support of a pure botrytis. There will be no icewines in our Estate House Mosel. Due to the extremely small yield we did not leave any grapes out in the vinards and terminated harvest end of October.

Must Weight:  72° Oechsle – 145° Oechsle

Acid Content:  10,5 – 15,0 g/l

Duration of Harvest: Oktober 16th - Oktober 31st 2013

Highs and Lows:

  • Smalest yield since the beginning of our records
  • Very difficult weather throughout the entire year - and until the end of the harvest
  • Extremly rigid selection for the high end dry riesling
  • Beerenauslese from Bernkasteler Doctor



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