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Harvest Report 2012

Vegetation Cycle: We had been lucky, that the low temperatures in April did not cause any damage at the vines respectively buds. During the flowering in June, the vines had to face rather unsettled, partly cool and humid weather conditions. The grape bunches developped loosely and therefore came healthy through the next weeks.

Grape harvest started only 17th October and lasted until 5th November.

Must weight:  85° Oechsle – 144° Oechsle

Acid content:  8,3 – 11,3 g/l

Duration of harvest: 17.10. – 5.11.2012, ice wine on 12.12.2012

The wines: The wines present themselves very fruity and with a well balanced acid. We can look forward to an appealing and harmonic vintage 2012.

Highlights: Thanks to the extremely healthy fruit, the harvest proceeded relaxed and quiet. The grapes are very suitabel for dry and semi-dry wines. The grand finale was the harvest of a 144° Oechsle ice wine on 12th December in Bernkasteler Graben.

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