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Harvest Report 2011


Growing Season: Luckily, the Wegeler vineyards at Moselle have been spared by the sudden frosts in May. Very much affected were the flat vineyard sites along the river bank as well as the side valleys. Here our high-quality parcels definitely paid off. 

The main blooming season finished by the end of May, followed by dry and sunny days. The ever so important falls of rain came at the beginning of June, just in time to encourage the development of the vine. Already beginning of August, the maturity of grapes started. 

The big hailstorm on 26th of August was limited to the area of Wehlen. However, we had to put up with great losses. On 27th of September, we were able to harvest the first Riesling selections. The calm, dry and sunny weather conditions saved us enough time for the time-consuming selection by hand in the steep slopes. Still at the end of the harvesting season, we could pick extremely healthy, yellow-golden berries.

Must weight: 75° Oechsle – 256° Oechsle 

Acid content: 6,0 – 9,5 g/l 

Duration of grape harvest: 27.09. – 26.10.2011 

The wines: The Rieslings we generated out of the steep slopes proved to be very aromatic and with fine minerality. 

Highlights: Bernkastler Doctor Trockenbeerenauslese with 256° Oechsle surely will be one of the top vines of this year's vintage.



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