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Harvest report Mosel Estate 2003


Growing season:The vintage 2003 started in the Moselle valley with perfect climatic conditions. The mineralic soil, first of all the Bernkasteler Doctor, showed their true dimensions. Despite of the continuous water shortage showed the deep rootening vines no sign of undersupply.

Must weight: 82° Oechsle - 240° Oechsle

Acid value: 7,0 - 9,5 g/l

Harvest period: 6th October - 6th November 2003

The wines: Particularly the Spät- and Auslesewines of the vineyard sites Bernkasteler Doctor and Wehlener Sonnenuhr show so far unknown exotic aromas in this vintage. The Wehlener Sonnenuhr of this vintage won the tender for the Lufthansa First Class in spring 2004. 

Highlights: Trockenbeerenauslese with 240° Oechsle.

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