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Harvest report Mosel Estate 2002


Growing season: The conditions in the Moselle valley were, compared to our estate in Oestrich, much better. May und June presented temperatures higher than average, so that the florescence started 10 days before the long time average. The good vineyard sites had must weights over 80° Oechsle at the end of september, but with sudden rainfall in October the expectations of great Beeren- or Trockenbeerenauslesen fade away. Due to the mineralic terroir with its well-drained soil characteristics the rain had no influence to the qualities from QbA to Auslese. Icewine in the Bernkasteler Doctor. First time after 1983.

Must weight: 75° Oechsle - 139° Oechsle

Acid value: 8,0 - 10,5 g/l

Harvest period: 14th October - 16th November 2002

The wines: Very good quality in the premium vineyards Bernkasteler Doctor and Wehlener Sonnenuhr; few botrytis. First icewine in the Bernkasteler Doctor after 1983.

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