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Harvest report Mosel Estate 2000


Growing season: The vintage 2000 with grandiose climate, but due to the unusual humidity in the weeks before and during the harvest the rotten grapes had to be selected from the healthy ones by hand for several times. Compared to the Rheingau region the must weight underachieved the expectations. Only through multiple selection by hand we were able to harvest small amounts of Spät- and Auslesen in our premium vineyard sites. Even one of the few Trockenbeerenauslese in Germany was harvested here. 

Mostgewichte: 68° Oechsle - 170° Oechsle

Säurewerte: 7,8 - 9,5 g/l

Lesedauer: 7th October - 13th November 2000

Highlights: Trockenbeerenauslese from the Bernkasteler Doctor vineyard

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