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Bernkasteler Doctor - The wines

Bernkastel Doctor Grosses Gewächs dry

In a practice established more than a century ago, the dry version of the premium Rieslings of the vineyard Bernkasteler Doctor, earliest harvest report for which date back to the year 1667, is not marketed with designations that define its must weight ('Prädikat') or its taste but sold under the name of 'Bernkasteler Doctor Qualitätswein'.

Bernkastel Doctor Spätlese

The classic among our Spätlesen (wines from late harvest). Having a maturing potential of 30 years and up, this top-of-the-range Riesling is famous among wine lovers all over the world. As the New York Times said in April 2009: "Delicate with lovely, lingering flavors of lime, spices and apricots".

Bernkastel Doctor Edelsüß

Like almost no other vineyard worldwide, the Doctor regularly produces fascinating noble-sweet Riesling wines.

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