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Bernkasteler Doctor

The legend

"In Bernkastel in the year 1360, Arch Bishop Bohemund of Trier was laid low with a cold fever in his castle. The surgeons, having tried all kinds of medicines and cures on him, despaired of his revory and expected him to die before fall came. Apothecaries and herb women came from far and near to give him potions, but all attempts to subdue the Bishop's fever failed.

Having heard about the Bishop's ill fate, a brave knight rode to Bernkastel, crossing the heights of the Hunsrück mountains carrying a small barrel on his back. When the sick man laid eyes on him, he shrank back because he had come to fear the potions that tasted bitter but did not bring relief. 

The old knight smiled, placed the barrel on the nightstand and said, "This draught will well be to the taste and the health of Your Grace! I often used it on myself to drive away complaints and fevers of all sorts and to cool my scars. Do try it!"

Apprehensively, Bohemund took a small sip, then drank deeply with visible delight. The fever left him, and after some days the Bishop was well. When he asked the knight what he wished to receive as a reward for his services, the old warehorse jokingly asked that his vineyard be awarded the academic title of a 'Doctor' as it was apparently superior to all quacks and medical charlatans. 

Bohemund, not averse to a joke, had a certificate issued with stamp and seal awarding the title of a Doctor to the knights medicine. Since that day, the vineyard has been known as 'Bernkasteler Doctor' and has helped many a sick man and woman in their misery."

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