O, Welch ein Augenblick!

Nachdem der Minister Don Fernando Leonore auffordert, Florestan die Ketten abzunehmen, singt sie: “O, WELCH EIN AUGENBLICK!!”

After the minister Don Fernando allows Leonore to take off the chains from Florestan she sings: O, WELCH EIN AUGENBLICK!" ("O, WHAT A MOMENT!")


2011 ff Krone Spätburgunder trocken – VDP.GUTSWEIN Rheingau

Ein cremiger und reifer Spätburgunder aus dem Besitz der Krone, die der Vorfahrin von Eleonore von Breuning, Anja Wegeler-Drieseberg, gehört. Pinot Noir Klassiker vom Feinsten. Ein VDP.GUTSWEIN.

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A creamy and mature Pinot Noir fom Krone Estate, which belongs to the ancestor of Leonore von Breuning, Anja Wegeler-Drieseberg. Pinot Noir Classics at it’s best. A VDP.GUTSWEIN.

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Why Beethoven Anniversary with Wegeler Wines?

Franz Gerhard Wegeler and Ludwig van Beethoven were lifelong friends. Beethoven’s Leonore was Eleonore von Breuning. Although she married Wegeler in 1803 the friendship of the two men was not affected. In 1838 Wegeler published the first Beethoven Biography.

The Story of the Opera Leonore:

World Premiere, Vienna Theatre 1805 (10 years later performed as Fidelio)
Leonores Husband Florestan is arrested and imprisoned in a secret part of the state dungeon by the mean Governor Pizarro because he is a witness of his deceptive practices. Leonore is searching for her husband throughout the state as she hears rumors that he might be imprisoned in the state dungeon. Disguised as the young man Fidelio she gets a job as assistant of the jail guard Rocco. Gaining his confidence Fidelio learns the there is a secret prisoner in of the dungeon. Unfortunately, Roccos daughter Marzeline falls in love with Fidelio which makes the whole matter quiet complicated. But time is running short as Pizarro already gave order to let Florestan starve to death in order to get rid of him. At the same time the minister Don Fernando is on its way to inspect the prison as he heard of irregularities there. Realizing the present threat Pizarro orders Rocco to murder Florestan, which he refuses to do. Pizarro decides to do it by himself and orders Rocco to the secret dungeon to help him. Rocco however takes Fidelio with him in the Dungeon, where Fidelio recognizes her Husband Florestan, barely alive. Rocco serves Florestan the last drop of his wine while Pizarro is on his way to murder him. Now the story takes a friendly turn. Don Fernando arrives on the scene in time, the murder is impeded, Pizarro is arrested and Florestan with his Leonore or Fidelio are freed.