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4 Stars for our Moselle Estate

Upgrade in the new Eichelmann 2020

"The Sonnenuhr GG (90 points) presents itself openly, it has an almost explosive fruit, as can often be seen in this winery. With a clear acidity, a lot of spice in the finish and a considerable length. This wine is pleasantly dry and spicy - a statement that is also correct for the Doctor GG (91 points) [...] It turns out that it was also possible to produce finesse from very warm vineyards such as the Bernkasteler Doctor in 2018, at least if you had the appropriate skills. It will be very interesting to follow the further development of this wine. [...] The Doctor Spätlese (93 points) has a little more sweetness, but also a remarkable extract [...] A silky elegant Sonnenuhr Auslese (92 points) and two great sweet Doctor wines with an enormous potential complete the collection. Especially the Trockenbeerenauslese (93+ points) shows an incredible precision [...] that this wine will soon become a legend."

Eichelmann 2020

06.01.2020 Kategorie: Presse
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